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World of the 21st Century: Climate Change

This guide features resources about how the world is different in the 21st Century. The resources focus on four areas: climate change; future of work; globalization and the politics of food; and impact of the internet on humanity.

Climate Change: E-Books

America's Most Sustainable Cities

America's Most Sustainable Cities and Regions: Surviving the 21st Century Megatrends by John W. Day & Charles Hall

This book takes readers on a journey across the US, painting a picture of urban transition and American cities of the 21st century. Renewable resources, energy, and global climate change are major trends impacting society, framing new ideas about what U.S. cities are, and what they could be.

Climate Change

Climate Change: Observed Impacts on Planet Earth (2nd Edition) edited by Trevor M. Letcher

The evidence of climate change on our planet is increasingly apparent as researchers make new observations and recordings about the planet’s temperatures and environment. This book discusses topics on global surface temperatures, Antarctic sea ice changes, as well as forest management and its relation to adaptations and climate impacts. With 54 authors and co-authors, this text provides an array of ideas and perspectives on climate change and our planet.

Facing Global Env Change

Facing Global Environmental Change: Environmental, Human, Energy, Food, Health, and Water Security Concepts edited by H.G. Brauch, Ú.O. Spring, J. Grin, C. Mesjasz, P. Kameri-Mbote, N.C. Behera, B. Chourou, & H. Krummenacher

This text addresses many challenges world leaders face as climate change continues to play a significant role in global affairs. Greater awareness of climate change has spurred public interest, and the health and well-being of our planet is becoming an important topic of discussion and debate on many levels of government and society.

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Climate Change: Open Access Monographs

Stolen Future, Broken Present

Stolen Future, Broken Present: The Human Significance of Climate Change by David A. Collings

This book argues that climate change has a devastating effect on how we think about the future. Once several positive feedback loops in Earth’s dynamic systems, such as the melting of the Arctic icecap or the drying of the Amazon, cross the point of no return, the biosphere is likely to undergo severe and irreversible warming.

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Nature-Based Solutions to Climate Change Adaptation in Urban Areas edited by Nadja Kabisch, Horst Korn, Jutta Stadler, & Aletta Bonn

This book brings together research findings and experiences from science, policy and practice to highlight and debate the importance of nature-based solutions to climate change adaptation in urban areas. The expert contributions present recommendations for creating synergies between ongoing policy processes, scientific programmes and practical implementation of climate change and nature conservation measures in global urban areas.

Climate Change Threat to Peace

Climate Change as a Threat to Peace: Impacts on Cultural Heritage and Cultural Diversity edited by Sabine von Schorlemer & Sylvia Maus

This volume takes a fresh look at climate change as a threat to peace and its impacts on cultural heritage and cultural diversity. It proceeds under the assumption that the impacts of climate change on cultural heritage and cultural diversity may challenge sustainable global peace.


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Climate Change: Videos

A Dangerous Future

A Dangerous Future: Years of Living Dangerously a Showtime Series

In this episode of the documentary series "Years of Living Dangerously", Matt Damon explores the impacts of extreme heat on health and mortality. This video discusses research that indicates trends of increasing temperatures around the planet, and would could be the start of a global public health emergency.

Breath of Life

Breath of Life - Our Future, Our Planet by Vision Films

Viewers will travel across the globe as this documentary captures the insights of evolutionary scientists, earth farmers, and Hawaiian wisdom keepers, and their perspectives on the planet and its changing environment.

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