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World of the 21st Century: Globalization and the Politics of Food

This guide features resources about how the world is different in the 21st Century. The resources focus on four areas: climate change; future of work; globalization and the politics of food; and impact of the internet on humanity.

Globalization and the Politics of Food: E-Books

Food Politics

Food Politics: What Everyone Needs to Know (2nd Edition) by Robert Paarlberg

This look into the politics of food offers a global perspective on issues surrounding food safety, local farmers, food companies, and the environment. Readers will be informed and challenged when it comes to food politics and the global food landscape.

Food Safety

Food Safety for the 21st Century: Managing HACCP and Food Safety Throughout the Global Supply Chain by Carol A. Wallace, William H. Sperber, & Sara E. Mortimore

This text provides readers with essential information on food safety management in a global supply chain, touching on topics of food health, food security, and even food defense in the 21st century.

Food Security

Food Security & Sociopolitical Stability edited by Chrisopher B. Barret

This book explores the complex relationship between food security and sociopolitical stability, offering insights from leading experts around the globe. The text sheds light on topics relating to future crop technologies, livestock trends, global freshwater, and even climate change.

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Globalization and the Politics of Food: Open Access Monographs

Sustainable Food Systems

Sustainable Food Systems: The Role of the City by Robert Biel

This book, by a leading expert in urban agriculture, offers a genuine solution to today’s global food crisis. By contributing more to feeding themselves, cities can allow breathing space for the rural sector to convert to more organic sustainable approaches.

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Eating, Drinking: Surviving

Eating, Drinking: Surviving edited by Peter Jackson, Walter E.L. Spiess, & Farhana Sultana

This publication addresses the global challenges of food and water security in a rapidly changing and complex world. The essays highlight the links between bio-physical and socio-cultural processes, making connections between local and global scales, and focusing on the everyday practices of eating and drinking, essential for human survival.

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Taste Power Tradition

Taste | Power | Tradition: Geographical Indications as Cultural Property edited by Sarah May, Katia Laura Sidali, Achim Spiller, & Bernhard Tschofen

The idea of origin in terms of space and culture as a special indicator of quality is one of the most influential strands in contemporary food. It impacts politics, economics and everyday life – and it connects these fields with complex relations of power and culture.

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Globalization and the Politics of Food: Videos

Enjoy Your Meal

Enjoy Your Meal! How Food Changes the World an Autolook Films Production

Globalization has made many foods, no matter how remote or exotic, available to Western consumers. This new era of a global food market and food access comes with a price though, as efforts to produce more foods for more people is overshadowing potential impacts on indigenous communities and ecosystems.

Global Junkfood

Global Junkfood a Java Films Production

From Brazil to India, this film documents current trends and tactics of major food brands around the world and their roles in the global obesity crisis.

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