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Collaborative Approach to Developing Culturally-Themed Digital Collections: Research Guides

Guide to support the ALCTS Presentation given on May 16, 2017.

About the Guides

A Research Guide is created for each Passport year featuring information about the country or countries.  The guides' contents vary based on the programming for the year and the library resources available for that region of the world.

Passport Countries Research Guides


Includes pages on history,
geography, economy, politics,
culture,science, and
Chinese resources

Russia's Realms

Includes pages on
books, music, videos
newspapers, websites,
and research help.

İViva México!

Links together 10
research guides on Mexico,           
including guides for
each region, food, 
business, and exhibits.

Year of the Middle East

Includes information on
each middle eastern 
country featured, exhibits,
and business and economics
of the region.

Year of Europe

Includes information on
each featured country, film
festival, business EU 
publications, and food.

Year of South Asia

Includes information on featured
countries, movies series,
business, and exhibits.