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* Business: Getting Started

This guide contains information on how to do research in the field of business.

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Most-Used Electronic Business Resources

The following databases allow for the broadest, most comprehensive, and most easily-accessible coverage of business topics.

Business Research Methods

New Databases

The following Business database has been recently added by the University of Kentucky Libraries.

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What's New

Database Trial:  Mergent Products

We are currently providing trail access to several Mergent products.

Mergent Intellect
Mergent Intellect is a highly flexible web-based application that features a deep collection of worldwide business information that enables companies to generate insightful business intelligence. Coupling Mergent's expertise in developing products for the reference marketplace with D&B®'s private company database, Mergent Intellect offers new and existing clients a unique opportunity to access private and public U.S and international business data, industry news, facts and figures, executive contact information, the ability to access industry profiles and much more.

Also available as tabs on our current Mergent Online subscription
D&B Country Reports
Provide essential political, economic and commercial information on over 130 countries worldwide. 
-Supply in-depth analysis to assist in monitoring international markets.
-Identify changes in business risk and provide detailed analysis of a country’s prospects in the short to medium term.
-Present data in a clear and consistent format, facilitating comparison.
In addition to written analysis, each report ranks the country in question using our proprietary Country Risk Indicator. The reports also contain both short- and long term economic forecasts and use charts and tables to complement the text.

The Thomson Reuters Embargoed Research Snapshot Collection. Written by analysts at more than 1,600 investment banks and independent research firms, Thomson Reuters embargoed research collections offer authoritative analysis of companies, industries, products and markets across the globe. The reports, embargoed for an average of 14 days from production, provide unique insight, including forecasts and opinions, from the most sought-after industry experts. 
Access Embargoed Research Reports on 42,000 Global Companies and 125 Industries.  Each day the Snapshot collection will contain up to 3 reports on each of the 42,000 Global Companies and 2 reports on each 125 industry.

Provides comprehensive coverage of companies--their products, major customers, suppliers, partners, and industries. Covers all companies traded on the NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ. Includes enhanced detail for companies in healthcare, tech, media, and finance.

Please take a look and tell me what you think.

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