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COM 249: Mass Media and Mass Culture : Find Scholarly Articles

An examination of the interplay between the technology and content of the mass communication media and culture. Fall 2018.

What Is A Scholarly Article?

Used with permission by Coastal Carolina University under Creative Commons license.

How to Read a Citation

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Academic Search Complete Search Results

Look for Scholarly Journal Articles Here

Your annotated bibliography must contain at least five scholarly (peer reviewed) journal articles.
You can find peer reviewed journal articles in the databases listed below.

Example search terms
agenda setting theory and internet
cultivation theory and video games
social learning theory and television

Identify the Major Ideas of Your Research Question

What role does agenda setting theory play in the Fox News and MSNBC reporting of political campaigns?

Major Ideas Related Terms
agenda setting theory
news television AND news
broadcast journalism
political campaigns political candidates
political parties

How can we use cultivation theory to analyze the relationship between aggressive behavior  and violent video game playing?

Major Ideas Related Terms
cultivation theory
aggression psychology
video games internet games
online games
virtual reality AND games