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ENG 205: Intermediate Writing: Getting Started

Rhetoric, Women & Health. Fall 2011.

Why Public Health Controversies?

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Research Process Overview

This guide will help you locate the sources you need for your ENG 205 research.

Click on either the pages above or the links below
to walk through the steps of the research process and show you how to find books, articles, primary sources, and other materials related to your topic.
Earth Day exhibit on contraception, UK Student Center, April 22, 1970. Photo from UK Archives.

The research process typically includes 5 broad steps. Most often you complete one step before moving onto the next. However, there may be times when you will need to return to a previous step or complete multiple steps simultaneously.

Step 1. Develop Your Topic
Step 2. Search Strategies  2a. Refine Your Topic
Step 3. Find Credible and Relevant Sources
Step 4. Evaluate Information  4a. Types of Periodicals | 4b. Primary v Secondary Sources
Step 5. About Plagiarism   5a. Citation Help | 5b. Works Cited Examples

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