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ESL Student Reading List: Home

A bibliography of books in the Education Library chosen for ESL students.

About this Guide

This guide complements the ESL Reader collection that is located behind the Circulation Desk in the William T. Young Library.  The colored tabs indicate the reading level of the books listed under the tab and correspond to the color codes used on the ESL Readers.  The guide provides additional reading opportunities in high quality commercially published books. We hope you enjoy your reading experience.

Where are these books?

The books on these lists are in the Education Library.  Find the Education Library here.

These books are not behind the desk, but the person at the desk can help you find them.

What do I need to know?

The title and the call number for the book you want.

You will need your student id card to check out these books.

Words to know

Title - the name of a book

Call number - location of the book on the shelf

Check out - borrow a book from the library

Due date - day by which you should return your book to the library

Fine - money you must pay if a book is returned after its due date