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Japanese Studies: Getting started

Other Library Resources

  • East Asian Library at Columbia University
  • This web page provides information on electronic resources for searching for books; journal articles; electronic books; image data; statistics; library catalogs; and links to other academic and media electronic resources.

    General Information on Japan

    Japan: Country Studies - Library of Congress
    This web page, created by the Library of Congress, provides general background information on a wide range of subjects, including Art, Politics, Economy, History, National Security and much more. Good place to learn basic facts or get background information.

    Foreign Information by Country Guide
    This guide, created by the University of Colorado at Boulder, provides links to government information, country profiles, articles and databases, diplomatic relations and more.

    "Countries" Research Guide
    One of the UK Libraries' Research Guides; provides background and more detailed information on specific countries (by Rob Aken).

    Evaluate Japanese web domains

    Japanese Websites U.S. Websites Academic Institutions .edu Companies .com Government .gov Organizations .org

    Webcasts on Japan

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