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MNG 371: Getting Started

Spring 2010.

Head Librarian - Shaver Engineering Library

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Susan K Smith
Science & Engineering Library
Office: 310G
M.I. King Bldg. - South
179 Funkhouser Drive

Getting Started in Research

This guide is designed specifically for Mining 371.  It has a variety of resources that you can use for your research paper.  Please contact us if you need assistance finding additional information.

Off-campus Access

One of the first things you need to do is make sure your Wildcat ID card has been scanned into the UK Library system.  If you have checked out a book, you are ready to go.  If you haven't done so, please go to any UK library main desk and ask them to scan your card.  This allows you off-campus access to our electronic resources like article databases, eJournals, and eBooks.  It will take 24 hours to activate so don't do this on Friday and expect access on Saturday.

Interlibrary Loan

Sometimes we don't own journals or books you may need for your research.  In that case we will try to borrow or purchase articles from outside libraries. This will require a separate Illiad account.  Setting this up now will make the process go more smoothly.

Consult Schedule Fall 2012

Here is a list of scheduled consults.  Please call the library at 257-4364 and let them know if you can't keep your appointment, or email Sue and Kathryne - Contact info in boxes on the left).  We are located on the 3rd floor of Anderson Tower.

Name:                              Date:                                  Time:                     Librarian:

Cedric Lukonga                 Thurs., Sept. 27                    1pm             Kathryne & Rebecca

William Walker                  Fri., Sept. 28                         1pm                     Kathryne

Tessa Monday                   Mon., Oct. 1                          11am                   Kathryne & Mary

Chris Clarkson                  Tues., Oct. 2                          2pm                    Kathryne

Brett Jackson, Jr.               Wed., Oct. 3                         11am                   Kathryne & Mary

Lamb, Justin                     Wed., Oct 3                           11:30 am            Sue

Sarah Parrigin                   Wed., Oct. 3                          1pm                   Kathryne 

Drew Schleuter                   Fri., Oct. 5                             11am                 Sue & Mary

Jesse Murphy                   Fri., Oct. 5                              1pm                  Sue

Andrew Hill                       Fri., Oct. 5                              3pm                  Sue

Jon House                       Mon., Oct. 8                            9am                  Mary & Sue

Max Shrout                      Mon., Oct. 8                           1:15pm              Mary 

Doug Dorsel                     Mon., Oct. 8                            2pm                  Sue

Robert Eades                   Mon., Oct. 8                            3pm                  Sue   

Kristin Floyd                     Tues., Oct. 9                           2pm                  Sue & Rebecca

Levi Griggs                      Tues., Oct. 9                          11:45 AM            Sue & Rebecca

Hongbin Zhang                Tues., Oct. 9                          3:30 PM               Rebecca

Daniel Wilson                  Wed., Oct. 10                         10:30am             Sue

Anthony Fugate                Wed., Oct. 10                          3pm                  Sue 

Cindy Ballinger                 Thurs., Oct. 11                        11am                Rebecca & Kathryne

David Albers                     Thurs., Oct. 11                       12:30pm            Kathryne & Rebecca

Jonathan Fryman              Thurs., Oct. 11                        4 PM                  Rebecca

Katy Petry                        Fri., Oct. 12                            10am                 Kathryne

Tyler Meadows                  Fri., Oct. 12                            11am                 Sue

Colton Parsons                Mon., Oct. 15                           10am                 Sue      

Taylor Gabbard                 Mon., Oct. 15                          11 AM                Kathryne

Jiawei Dong                     Mon., Oct. 15                           2pm                  Kathryne

Anthony Calk                   Mon., Oct. 15                           3:30pm              Sue

Adam Thompson              Tues., Oct. 16                           noon                Rebecca

Vincent Slone                   Thurs., Oct. 18                        10am                 Rebecca

Ian Hamilton                   Thurs., Oct. 18                          2pm                 Rebecca

Patrick Jorgensen             Fri., Oct. 19                              3:30pm             Sue

Quick Guide Links

Here are quick links to some useful guides.

  MNG 371 Consults

Please use the Consult link in Sue's profile box on the left for your engineering consults with Engineering Library staff.  The exceptions are for topics listed below:


 Sarah Vaughn

Law or Legal Issues: 

Ryan Valentin

SME Style Guide April 2008 (Most recent)

See the Editor's Appendix of this guide for examples of references and formats when citing.