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Mathematics Course Guide: Start Here

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About This Guide

This guide will help you locate the sources you need for your independent research. The instructions walk you through the research process and show you how to find both print and electronic books and journal articles on a wide range of topics. The guide will not help you with studying for tests but with performing reserach for academic papers and projects.

Starting your Research

The research process consists of five main steps:

Step 1. Develop Your Topic

Select a Topic | Develop Research Questions

Step 2. Search Strategies

Identify Keywords | Develop Search Strategy | Refine your Topic as needed

Step 3.  Finding Reliable and Relevant Sources

Identify Subject Databases | Internet Sources

 Step 4.  Evaluate Information

Source Evaluation | Primary vs. Secondary Sources |

Types of Periodicals (Scholarly Articles | Trade and Newspaper Articles)

Step 5. Comply with Professional & Academic Standards

Plagiarism/Paraphrasing | Citation Styles

Library Liaison

Tom Hecker

Science Library, Room 309B

My scholarship has been in workplace mobbing, people with disabilities, and in resource depletion (emphasis on energy depletion) and how this will affect the future of libraries.