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Basics for Classes Visiting the Special Collections Research Center: Getting Started

What students need to know before their scheduled class session at the Special Collections Research Center.

First Things First - Where is the Special Collections Research Center?

The Special Collections Research Center is located in the Margaret I. King Building, which is #39 on the interactive campus map.  To get to here, you must enter the King Building from the North side adjacent to the Fine Arts Library (as marked on the map with a yellow arrow).  Note that the Science Library is on the other side of the King Building off of Library Drive and you cannot get to Special Collections from that entrance.

Once you are inside the Special Collections Research Center, please sign-in at the front desk.

If your class is located in the Great Hall: Proceed straight ahead past the giant Abraham Lincoln head (you can't miss it), and up the stairs to the left, then turn left twice into the Great Hall.  Please take a seat and await instructions. 

If your class is located in the Ford Center (Room 104): From the front desk, go to your left into the alcove and turn left into the Ford Center.

Please do not touch any archival material until instructed to do so. 


Director of Research Services & Education

Jaime Marie Burton
Special Collections Research Center
Margaret I. King Library

Education & Outreach Graduate Assistant

Breckinridge Research Room
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Margaret I. King Library
Special Collections Research Center
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