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TA 383: Play Analysis: research articles and books on theatre

A library research guide for the TA 383 course assignments & further research in play analysis. Fall 2019.

Research meeting worksheet


Two places you MUST search to find possible items for your bibliographies:








Other potentially useful sites to search, from Alexander Street Press:  





how to find scholarly, peer-reviewed articles

How to get the articles themselves:

1.  Sometimes, the database results will include a link to online versions of the articles -- if so, just click through the link to read or print out the article!

2.  If there is no direct link to an online version of the article, you must go first to the journal, either by going to the journal's website or by finding a physical copy the journal in print.

If you need to go first to the journal, you can search InfoKat Discovery for the name of the journal to find out if our library provides access to it.
     * If the journal is provided by our library electronically, you can click on the link to the online provider that is highlighted and underlined in InfoKat in order to go to the journal's website, and then you can go from there to the article you need.
      * If the journal is provided by our library in print, you can write down its call number, go to the library, and find a copy of the physical journal ;in its place on the library shelf.

      * If the journal is not provided by our library at all, you can request a copy via ILL (interlibrary loan), and the library will send you a copy of it electronically from another library.


If you see a "View Now UK" button in a database, clicking it can often provide a shortcut to a journal's website, so it is worth trying, but it is often faster and always more accurate to check InfoKat to see if our library provides access to a journal.