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UKCore Template 1: Getting Started

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The internal links in this guide, such as the ones below, refer  back to pages within YOUR guide. DO NOT link the public to the UKCore Template.

Research Process Overview

This guide will help you locate the sources you need for your (name of class) research.
Click on either the pages above or the links below to walk through the steps of the research process and show you how to find (insert explanation that relates to this class. e.g. books, articles and many other resources on a wide range of topics.) 

The research process typically includes 5 broad steps. Most often you complete one step before moving onto the next. However, there may be times when you will need to return to a previous step or complete multiple steps simultaneously.

Step 1. Develop Your Topic 
Select a Topic1b. Identify Keywords

Step 2. Search Strategies 
Refine Your Topic

Step 3. Find Credible and Relevant Sources  < Opens new page Create your own link like this:
a.  Find Books | b. Find Popular and Newspaper Articles |c.  Find Scholarly Articles |d.  Find Primary Sources |e. Find Websites, Videos and Images 

Step 4. Evaluate Information 
4a. Types of Periodicals | 4b. Primary v Secondary Sources

Step 5. About Plagiarism 
5a. Citation Help | 5b. Works Cited Examples

Editor's Note

For more Information Literacy tutorials, see the Cooperative Library Instruction Project (CLIP).

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