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Breaking News: Real, Disinformation, or Mash-up?: Disinformation

A guide to determining reliability, credibility and bias in news sources

This page is all about Disinformation - how to recognize it when you see it! There are many articles and resources here from a variety of sources. 

Scholarly articles about managing news and how it is consumed by various groups - teens, seniors, etc.

Marchi, Regina.  “With Facebook, Blogs, and Fake News, Teens Reject Journalistic “Objectivity.”  Journal of Communication Inquiry 36, no.3 (July 2012) 246-262.  Communication & Mass Media Complete.  EBSCOHOST (Accessed November 28, 2016)

Baym, Geoffrey.  “Grappling With Fake News:  Beyond the Real/Unreal Dichotom.”  Conference Papers – International Communication Association (2009 Annual Meeting 2009):  1. Communication & Mass Media Complete.  EBSCOHOST (accessed November 28, 2016)

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Click on link for "News Quality Chart" for larger chart.  Scroll down blog amd click on chart image for full-size image.  News Quality Chart , Nov. 2017 by Vanessa Otero is licensed under cc by-nc 4.0  

The Pizzagate Fake "News" story promoted by a talk radio host resulted in a near disaster and one listener landed himsef in prison for his belief.