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Beginner's Guide to UK Libraries: Google and More Google

A guide to provide basic information on how to use UK Libraries. It includes tips on doing research, library vocabulary and the ability to view the guide in other languages using Google Translate.

Google Translator

Google and Better Google

Most of us begin searching the WWW using a simple keyword search and a Web search engine like Google.  We then look at page after page of search results-links to hundreds if not thousands of irrelevant or out-of-date pages or links that don't work at all.  However, most Web search engines also provide special search tools for more targeted and precise searches. Google, for example, offers Advanced Searching, Google Scholar, and Google Books. Each of these searches has specific strengths and, in general, would be more appropriate for university level research.  However, even when you use a special search to find information on your topic, when you use that information, the responsibility for analyzing and verifying the currency, relevance, authority,accuracy, and purpose of the information you find there is totally yours, not an editors or an editorial board.  So be wary and cautious and very, very critical.  Sometimes easy does not mean good.

Just Google

A funny look at why Google can provide Fun and Frustrating search results.