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Beginner's Guide to UK Libraries: Vocabulary

A guide to provide basic information on how to use UK Libraries. It includes tips on doing research, library vocabulary and the ability to view the guide in other languages using Google Translate.

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Library Vocabulary

  • Abstract

    A summary or brief description of a book or journal article.

  • Catalog

    The online list of all the materials held by the university. Each item in the catalog has a record that lists the title, author, publisher, call number, and subject of the work.

  • Check out

    To borrow a book from the library. You need your student card to check out a book. The card may be got at the student center on campus.

  • Citation

    A reference to a book or article that contains all the information needed find a copy of that work, such as the author and title.

  • Course reserve

    Course reserves are required reading that your professor may have set aside at the Circulation desk in the library. Course reserves usually have a limited time period that students can view the material, such as 2 hours, or 24 hours.

  • Database

    A searchable, digital collection of information. May contain articles, images, video and more.

  • Due date

    The date your library materials should be returned to the library. Items not returned on the due date will accrue an overdue fine.

  • Fine

    Money you owe when you return a book late.

  • Hold

    A Hold is a request to get a book after it is returned by the current borrower.

  • Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

    A service that allows you to borrow materials from other libraries.

  • Journal

    A publication, issued on a regular basis, which contains scholarly research.

  • Keyword

    A word related to your research topic that you can use to search for information.

  • Peer reviewed

    Peer review is a publication process that helps to ensure that books and articles are well-researched and contain accurate information.

  • Periodical

    Any source that is published at regular intervals including but not limited to weekly or monthly publications. Examples of periodicals include journals, magazines, and newspapers.

  • Renewal

    An extension of the loan period for library materials. Checked out materials may be renewed as long as the item is not on hold for another person.

  • Stacks

    Shelves in the library where materials are stored. Books in the stacks are arranged by call number.

  • Study Room

    A student may ask for a room to study at in the library for a four hour period. Students must have another student with them and their identification card to check out a room.