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Transportation: Databases

Primary guide for transportation engineering students and researchers

What are Databases?

Databases are electronic research tools that help you find articles, proceedings, books, and reports. Databases can be searched by author, title, subject, keyword, and other categories.

Quick Search TRID Database

TRID is the primary transportation database for finding books, technical reports, conference proceedings, and journal articles.

Search Tips

To improve the quality of your database search results, consider trying:

  • Exact Phrases
    • For an exact match, enclose the phrase within quotes:  "traffic signals"
  • Wildcards/Truncation
    • Using a wildcard searches more than one form of the word
      • Transport* searches transport, transportation, transporting….
    • Most common is an asterisk (*), but symbols vary by database
    • Two exceptions for UK Libraries are:
      • InfoKat Discovery uses a question mark (?)
      • Nexis Uni uses an exclamation point (!)
  • Boolean Operators – broaden/narrow searches
    • AND narrows a search
      • bridges AND concrete searches for the occurrence of both bridges and concrete
    • OR broadens a search
      • accidents OR crashes searches for the occurrence of either accidents or crashes
    • NOT excludes term(s) following NOT
      • pavement NOT concrete will provide results on pavement that don’t include concrete

 If you are not sure how something works, use the help or tips screen on the database or contact library staff for assistance.

Key Transportation Databases

Primary Databases in Transportation:

Additional Databases for Transportation

These are a selection of databases used for  transportation research. For a complete list of all the databases provided by the UK Libraries, go to the UK Libraries home page and select the Databases tab or contact a librarian for assistance.