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Evidence-Based Resources: Other EBM Resources

Point of Care Resources

Point of Care Resources are ones in which an expert group has already evaluated the existing science and made recommendations for consideration in medical decision making.

ACP Smart Medicine - the American College of Physicians' Information and Education Resource provides authoritative, evidence-based information and recommendations intended for use in clinical care.  

Clinical Guidelines

   Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality - This agency operates the National Guideline Clearinghouse but you can also search directly at their clinical guidelines site if you would like to know specifically the what federal resources recommend.

   National Guideline Clearinghouse - This resource provides one-stop access to important clinical guidelines developed by reputable organizations, education entities, government bodies and associations.

   Official websites of professional associations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Psychiatric Association or the American College of Cardiology. If you do not know the official name of an association, you can perform a Google search using key subject terms with terms such as "national" and "association."

Web Resources

Links to Excellent Resources for EBM

Dr. Chris Cates Evidenced-Based Medicine Website
This is a particularly good site for health practitioners who want "plain talk" about the whys and hows of evidence-based medicine and how it improves practice.

Evidence-Based Medicine Toolkit
Produced by the Centre for Evidence Based Practice. Templates for formulating questions and analyzing research.

Finding the Evidence-Based Answers to Clinical Questions
A tool developed by Dartmouth librarians to assist in matching clinical questions to appropriate information resources.

Website available by subscription that includes a myriad of evidence-based medicine tools including the User's Guides, calculators, learning tools, and question wizards. A portion of the site is also available for mobile devices.


This site provides an excellent explanation of number needed to treat, how it is derived and its significance. It also provides the NNT for many major treatment regimines. This site was developed by several New York City physicians. 

UIC Library of the Health Sciences-Peoria Clinical Search Filters
This page give an explanation of search filters with some good examples.

U.S. Preventive Services Task Force Recommendations for your Mobile Device

A free app for your mobile devices that includes a searchable database of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommendations.

Downloadable Critical Appraisal Worksheets

The Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine provides downloadable worksheets for

   1. Diagnosis

   2. Prognosis

   3. Therapy

   4. Harm

   5. Systematic Reviews