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Evidence-Based Resources: Discipline Related Evidence-Based Resources

Other Disciplines


Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics - Evidence-based practice and guidelines with a toolkit on issues related to dietetics and health.


Evidence-Based Practice, Step by Step.  Series of 12 articles that appeared in AJN, American Journal of Nursing. Plus 4 videos:  Evidence-Based Practice, Part 1: Developing and Searching the Clinical Question; Part2, Critical Appraisal of the Evidence; Part 3: Implementation; Part 4: dissemiinating the Evidence and Sustaining the Change. (Most articles are free but for those that are not, UK faculty and staff should access via University of Kentucky e-Journals.)  

The British Medical Journal's evidence-based publications includes Evidence-Based Nursing, some of which is accessible without a subscription.

The Center for Evidence-Based Medicine in Toronto has a section of its site devoted to evidence-based nursing.

Filters for doing evidence-based searched in the nursing database CINAHL are available from the University of Arizona and the University of California - Irvine.

The Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario has a site that provides best practices in nursing.

Evidence-Based Practice Tutorial for nurses from Penn State.

 Occupational Therapy   

OTseeker is a database of systematic reviews and randomized clinical trials relevant to occupational therapy.

Physical Therapy 

PEDro is a database of systematic reviews, randomized clinical trials and clinical practice guidelines for physiotherapy.

Medical Specialties

Emergency Medicine

   Evidence-Based Emergency Medicine at the New York Academy of Medicine is maintained by the ABEM a group of Emergency Physicians who are committed to EBM.  This site provides information on formulating questions, searching the literature and appraising studies.  Members of the interest group can access previous performed critical assessments.

   EmergencyMedicine-Ambulatory-Care (EMAC) from Emory University provides evidence-based medicine tools for physicians. Mostly useful to beginners in the area of EBM.

   BestBETS: Best Evidence Topics was developed by the Emergency Department of the Manchester Royal Infirmary in the UK to provide evidence-based answers to real-life clinical questions.  Free access to all content at the site.

  Family Medicine   

   American Family Physician,  a publication and website produced by the American Academy of Family Physicians, provides free access to best practice screening and treatment reviews for selected topics. Its site also contains an EBM Toolkit.

   Essential Evidence Plus is a resource for point of care clinical information for clinicians. Access is restricted to subscribers.

Internal Medicine

Essential Evidence plus and AHFS DI Essentials. Excellent and timely, evidence-based reviews by topics. Accessed at the University of Kentucky through Stat!Ref.


    The Cochrane Collaboration publishes an evidence-based Pediatric journal, Evidence-Based Child Health, and also a resource on evidence-based care for neonates, Cochrane Neonatal Systematic Reviews.    

Evidence-Based Pediatrics is a website related to pediatric evidence-based containing links and resources is maintained by the University of Michigan.


Evidence-Based Surgery from the Surgical Outcomes Research Centre (SOURCE).


The American Dental Association has several evidence-medicine sites including  evidence-based dentistry  and evidence-based dentistry clinical guidelines.

Access to Cochrane reviews and protocols related to dentistry can be accessed at the Cochrane Collaboration's Oral Health Group site.

Another useful resource is the Centre for Evidence-Based Dentistry based at Oxford.

The faculty at the School of Dentistry, University of Detroit Mercy, maintain an evidence-based resource tool for endodontics.

The University of North Carolina has an excellent guide page on evidence-based dentistry that includes lists of relevant books and articles. 

EviDents is a third party interface for doing evidence-based dentistry searches in PubMed.