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* Education, Kinesiology & Health Promotion: Stats & tests & more

Here are the links to your tools for finding books, articles and more.

Your Quick Links

Searching tips

Approaches to searching:

  • Your own keywords; use of wildcards and boolean combinations can improve your results.  Use this worksheet for thinking up keywords.
  • The database's index terms:  retrieve results with precision; works well when your keywords might match many synonyms.  Look for these terms in the descriptors or subjects field of a full record.  Search for these terms in a database's thesaurus or browse for them in a field's index.
  • An article's cited references:  no need to think up keywords:  find the record for a good article then search to find articles that have cited it; find related articles (searches for refs in common).  Web of Science Core Collection is the best database for this.
  • Ask other readers:  ask your professors, e-mail authors, hang out at conferences.
  • Browsing:  good old-fashioned technique; related books tend to be shelved together; also through serendipity you might find useful sources.

Finding statistics

Finding evaluations

Search ERIC and narrow results to document type "Reports-Evaluative."

Here is ERIC's definition of "Reports-Evaluative:" Studies evaluating research, alternative courses of action, or the merits of a particular process or program. Studies of feasibility of a given course of action. Evaluations of programs. Studies oriented toward decision-making and concerned with judgments rather than generalizations."

To find books search WorldCat. In your search mix include SU:"educational evaluation".


Government reports

Legal cases, laws, legal reviews, etc.

Sources for children's material

Textbooks for Kentucky districts

We have copies of all textbooks approved for use in Kentucky schools.

  • The textbooks are shelved by call number.
  • Then they are shelved by publisher, then by grade, etc.
  • This is the Kentucky schedule for textbook adoption.
  • Group I:  Language Arts (expired)
  • Group II:  Social Studies (expires in June 2013)
  • Group III:  Science (expires in June 2014)
  • Group IV:  Math (expires in June 2015)
  • Group V:  Practical Living and Vocational Studies (expires in June 2016)
  • Group VI:  Arts & Humanities, ESL, World Languages (expired)

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