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Anthropology: Videos

Basic and Advanced Information for Resources in Anthropology. Spring 2019.

Cultural Anthropology - Africa - Streaming Videos

Cultural Anthropology - Americas - Streaming Videos

Non-Streaming Videos - Available at Young's Media Center or Fine Art's Media Center

Film Series: Faces of Culture

Faces of Culture Series

26 cassettes (ca. 30 min. each)

Young Library   Closed Media Stacks - Ask at Media Library Desk in B-67 Young Library   AV-V4032  


1. The nature of anthropology

2. The nature of culture

3. How cultures are studied

4. Language and communication

5. Psychological anthropology

6. Alejandro Mamani: a case study in psychological anthropology

7. Patterns of subsistence: food foragers and pastoralists

8. Patterns of subsistence: food foragers

9. Economic anthropology

10. The Highland Maya: a case study in economic anthropology

11. Sex and marriage

12. Family and household

13. The Yucatec Maya: a case study in marriage and the family

14. Kinship and descent, part I.

15. Kinship and descent, part II.

16. Age, common interest, and stratification

17. The Aymara: a case study in social stratification

18. Political organization

19. Social control

20. Religion and magic

21. The Asmat of New Guinea: a case study in religion and magic

22. The arts

23. New Orleans Black Indians: a case study in the arts

24. Culture change

25. Cricket and Trobriand Way: a case study in culture change

26. The future of humanity.