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Anthropology: ANT 225

Basic and Advanced Information for Resources in Anthropology. Spring 2019.


Please fille out the review form to help me assess how we did today.  Thank you very much!

Class Review

Finding Scholary Articles

Scholarly articles are articles that are well researched and have gone through a review process.  These articles have certain characteristics that help you determine if a work is scholarly. Popular articles are articles written for the general public and are generally based on scholarly articles. You can find popular articles in magazines (generally have glossy covers and photo graphs), radio or TV transcripts. You can get more information on the differences between scholarly and popular articles by viewing this short video.

You will find good scholarly articles in the sources listed below.

Finding Popular Articles

Popular articles can be found on the web but finding the original source and the credibility can be difficult. Good sources for popular articles (newspaper and popular journals) are listed below.

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