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University of Kentucky Libraries Faculty Resources: Getting Started

A guide from the UK Libraries Faculty Council to orient current library faculty to services, sources and tools.

Library Faculty Resources


This guide contains links and resources geared towards new UK Libraries faculty members. Please explore the wide variety of resources on the promotion and/or tenure process and mentoring at the University of Kentucky Libraries.

Be sure to take advantage of our library faculty mentoring program to jump-start your career or advance your career goals at UK Libraries.

We're here to help! Contact anyone on the UKL Faculty Council for more information.

2017-18 Faculty Council:

  • Paula Hickner, Chair
  • Vacant, Chair-Elect
  • Beth Kraemer, Past Chair
  • Vacant, Secretary
  • Marsha Seamans, Member At-Large
  • Carla Cantagallo, Member At-Large
  • Eric Weig, Member At-Large
  • Kelly Vickery, University Senate Representative
  • Deirdre Scaggs, Ex-Officio, Interim Dean of Libraries

Welcome to the UK Libraries' Faculty Resources Site


Welcome New UK Libraries Faculty!

To continue building a great university we must continue to build a strong faculty.  We are committed to recruiting the highest quality faculty, providing the best environment for our faculty to succeed, and retaining the best faculty to draw upon their knowledge and experience.

I hope that this resource guide will help you during your transition to the University of Kentucky Libraries.  Moreover, I hope that you will consider every UK Libraries faculty member a resource you can also turn to when needed.  We are glad that you are here, and please let me know if I can be of assistance to you.                                                                    


                                                                            Best wishes,
                                                                            Deirdre Scaggs
                                                                            Interim Dean of Libraries 

Getting Started Checklist

Just getting started at UK Libraries?  Follow the new employee checklist to complete essential paperwork and learn about required training and how to set up email accounts and join internal listservs.

The checklist also contains other information we hope you find helpful as you start your new career at the Library.

Welcome to Our Newest Faculty!

Amy Laub-Carroll, Federal Regional Depository Librarian

Treshani Perera, Music & Fine Arts Cataloging Librarian

​Jennifer Hootman, Digital Humanities Librarian


Antje Mays
Dr. Antje Mays, Director of Collections


Dr. Spencer Acadia, Social Sciences Librarian



University of Kentucky Faculty Support