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* Geological Sciences: Geology Research at UK

A guide providing suggested resources and other information for research on the topics and subtopics of Geological Sciences

How to use this guide

This guide is organized by blue tabs that run across the top of each page. Below is a description of the principle tabs on this guide.

  • Geology Research at UK - Find basic information on the contents of this guide and contact information for your subject librarian on this introductory page. 
  • Background Information - These tools will help you find information about your research topic.
  • Databases - Frequently used databases to search for journal articles, as well as numeric or other data
  • Agencies, Societies, & Surveys - Links to agencies, societies and surveys that are relevant to the field of EES
  • Field Trip Guidebooks Field trip guidebooks provide geologic information for a particular area.  They are stop-by-stop guides containing detailed information and usually contain maps, photographs and illustrations not typically found in other resources.
  • Geologic Maps The Map Collection is located on the 4th floor of the Science & Engineering Library, and includes approximately 242,000 paper maps and aerial photos. 

EES Departmental Website

The Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences will provide significant contributions to the UK goal of achieving Top 20 Public Research University status through:

  • Innovative and transformative research in earth and environmental sciences
  • Excellent education for future geoscientists and the general public
  • Service to humanity through expansion and dissemination of geoscience knowledge

Browsing the Book Shelves

If you would like to browse for books on your topic, use the LC classification for Geology.

QC 801-809 - Geophysics

QC 811-849 - Geomagnatism

QE 1-350 - General

QE 351-399 - Mineralogy

QE 420-499 - Petrology

QE 521-545 - Volcanoes & Earthquakes

QE 601-613 - Structural Geology

QE 640-699 - Stratigraphy

QE 701-760 - Paleontology

QE 761-899 - Paleozoology

QE 901-996 - Paleobotany

UK Libraries for Earth & Environmental Science

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