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Marketing: Finding Books

Guide to finding resources related to marketing.

Browse for Marketing Books

Materials in the University of Kentucky Libraries are organized using the Library of Congress classification system. Marketing books are shelved in the HF section. In William T. Young Library, these books can be found on the 2nd Floor (Reference materials, which cannot be checked-out) and 4th Floor (available for checkout).
If you wish to browse, here is a more detailed look at the HF section of the Library of Congress Classification system:

HF1-6182 Commerce
HF294-343 Boards of trade. Chambers of commerce.
Merchants' associations
HF1014 Balance of trade
HF1021-1027 Commercial geography. Economic geography
HF1040-1054 Commodities. Commercial products
HF1701-2701 Tariff. Free trade. Protectionism
HF3000-4055 By region or country
HF5001-6182 Business
HF5381-5386 Vocational guidance. Career development
HF5387-5387.5 Business ethics
HF5410-5417.5 Marketing. Distribution of products
HF5419-5422 Wholesale trade
HF5428-5429.6 Retail trade
HF5429.7-5430.6 Shopping centers. Shopping malls
HF5437-5444 Purchasing. Selling. Sales personnel. Sales
HF5446-5459 Canvassing. Peddling
HF5460-5469.5 Department stores. Mail order business.
Supermarkets. Convenience stores
HF5469.7-5481 Markets. Fairs
HF5482-5482.4 Secondhand trade
HF5482.6-5482.65 Black market
HF5484-5495 Warehouses. Storage
HF5520-5541 Office equipment and supplies
HF5546-5548.6 Office management
HF5548.7-5548.85 Industrial psychology
HF5549-5549.5 Personnel management. Employment
HF5601-5689 Accounting. Bookkeeping
HF5691-5716 Business mathematics. Commercial arithmetic
Including tables, etc.
HF5717-5734.7 Business communication
Including business report writing,
business correspondence
HF5735-5746 Business records management
HF5761-5780 Shipment of goods. Delivery of goods
HF5801-6182 Advertising

Search for Marketing Books

To find books at the University of Kentucky, search InfoKat Discovery:

InfoKat Discovery includes material for the entire University of Kentucky Library System. It lists materials held in all UK Libraries' locations. Most books are held at William T. Young Library; however, if they pertain to a particular subject outside of the social sciences or humanities, they might be held in a campus subject library. For instance, a book on the marketing of medicine might be held in the Medical Center Library or a book on marketing in the art world might be held in the Little Fine Arts Library. 

To find virtually all books on any topic (including those not owned by the University of Kentucky), search WorldCat, which contains descriptive records of any type of material cataloged by OCLC member libraries, which includes most libraries in the U.S. as well as a number of Canadian and European libraries.

Use the link to UK's Interlibrary Loan service within the WorldCat record to conveniently order books that UK Libraries does not own.

In order to use the Interlibrary Loan service, you must first have an ILLiad account, which can be applied for at the University of Kentucky Libraries' Interlibrary Loan Service page. Click on the link for "First Time Users."  Books, as well as other materials not owned by UK, such as articles, CDs, microfilm, etc., can be requested.

Marketing E-Books

To use InfoKat Discovery to find E-books owned by the University of Kentucky, search for your subject terms, then use the Show only section on the left side of the results page to see those items that are 'Full Text Online."

You can also search the following E-book collections, both of which contain materials on Marketing:

Business and Economics Liaison

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