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Harlan Hubbard Archive: Harlan Hubbard timeline

This page contains images of Harlan Hubbard's paintings in private collections. They were exhibited as "Harlan Hubbard: a life in the landscape", at the Hopewell Museum, in Paris, KY, in 2008. The images are protected by copyright PLEASE DO NOT REPOST!

Harlan's family and early years

  • Harlan was born January 4th, 1900, in Bellevue, Kentucky
  • His father is Frank Gilbert Hubbard, a house painter and inventor, his mother is Rose Swingle Hubbard, and his older brothers are Frank and Julian
  • In 1907, his father dies and in 1912, his brothers move to New York City
  • Harlan and his mother move to New York in 1915 and he attends Childs High School in the Bronx
  • In the summers of 1917 & 1918, he works on a farm in upstate New York, where he discovers Thoreau's Walden
  • After graduating High School in 1918, he is offered a scholarship to Cornell, but decides to attend the National Academy of Design in NYC


From Harlan Hubbard Journals 1929-1944, edited by Vincent Kohler and David Ward (Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 1987)

A young artist

  • Harlan and his mother move to Fort Thomas, KY, and he applies to the Cincinnati Art Academy in 1919
  • He is enrolled in the day life class with Mr. Wessell, and Mr. Wessel and Mr Hopkins in 1919 and 1920
  • 1923--Harlan builds the house at 129 Highland Ave., Fort Thomas
  • 1934-38 has a studio in Ross, Kentucky
  • 1938 -44 works in his studio behind the house in Fort Thomas

Harlan and Anna

  • 1939-- Harlan and Anna become acquainted through her job at the Cincinnati Public Library Fine Arts Department
  • April 20, 1943-- Harlan and Anna marry
  • November 16, 1943-- Harlan's mother dies
  • October 5-December 11, 1944-- shantyboat construction
  • December 22, 1946-- the shantyboat voyage begins
  • February 27-November 29, 1947--  at Payne Hollow
  • April 1-November 5, 1948--  at Bizzles Bluff on the Cumberland River
  • March 1-December 6, 1949-- at Bisland Bayou
  • May 2, 1950-- enter the bayous on the Intracoastal Waterway
  • July 1, 1951-- the shantyboat is sold
  • June 18, 1952-- move to Payne Hollow & November 12 the cabin is built
  • 1954-- Shantyboat is published
  • 1974-- Payne Hollow, Life on the Fringe of Society is published
  • May 4, 1986-- Anna dies
  • January 16, 1988-- Harlan dies

From Anna Hubbard: Out of the Shadows, by Mia Cunningham (Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 2001)