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Mobile Device Resources for Clinicians 2013: Free Mobile Device Resources

Resources from the Medical Center Library for mobile devices.

Free Mobile Device Resources

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 PubMed for Handhelds     Mobile Optimized WebsitePICO search.
(Enter in your phone browser and "Add Bookmark to Home Screen").
This URL is configured especially for the U. of Kentucky Med Center Library and includes links to the MCL's own electronic journal subscriptions for seamless access.
Cornea Atlas

Cornea Atlas iPhone/iPod Touch. A collection of high-quality photographs and images related to various pathologies of the eye.   Free.


Medscape Mobile From WebMD. Reference source for drugs, OTCs, herbals, interaction checker, diseases, procedures & protocols.  Also includes latest medical news from Reuters.

ePOCRATES RXV. 3.19  Free. Clinical information on prescription meds and OTC drug products, Pill I.D. feature, interaction checker, medical news, BMI and GFR calculators.
3D Brain Free. Rotate and zoom around 29 interactive, labeled structures with information on functions and disorders. (Especially nice for iPad.)

 Micromedex® Drug Information for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad Free. A subsection of the subscription product provides drug information; i.e. generic names, adult/pediatric dosage,

 contraindications, pharmacokinetics, etc.

 Micromedex® Drug Interactions for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Free IF there is an
institutional subscription in place, which is true for UKHealthcare.  (If not, the app is about $50).

 mobilePDR for Prescribers.  From Skyscape.  Free to prescribers
(US-based MDs, DOs, Residents, NPs, PAs). Free registration, DEA, NPI validation. 
NEJM This WeekFree access to recent articles published online in the last 7 days, weekly audio summaries, and images.  For a limited time.
 Skyscape Medical Resources  From Skyscape. Includes RxDrugs, MedAlert™ news,
Archimedes calculator and Outlines in Clinical Medicine (evidence-based clinical information on diseases and symptom-related topics in outline format).

Calculate (Medical Calculator) by QxMD (v. 2.2.1) More than 150 unique calculators and decision support tools.
iTranslate (v 5.0) Translates words, phrases in over 50 languages (audio in over 18 languages).
iTranslate for Android
Evidence-based medicine  Turning Research Into Practice (TRIP)    A mobile-optimized Website, the TRIP Database is a clinical search engine designed to find answers using the best available evidence.