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Standards and Specifications: Home

Steps for Registering at SAI Global

Before anyone can go into the platform and search /request standards, it is necessary to register.  Here are the easy steps to registering: 

  1. Go to SAI Global   
  1. Click on “private” then click “register button” 
  1. A.  Enter email (must be 

            B.  Create: Password (case sensitive)

            C.  Confirm: re-enter password

            D. Click : Next 

  1. Fill in required details

            A.      Click: Confirm

            B.      Click Register 

  1. Check your personal email

            A.      Confirm sign registration (before 24hrs) 

  1. Click Sign-In Button

Contact the Shaver Engineering Library staff at 7-4364 if you need assistance.

National Institute of Standards & Technology

Next Generation Nanometrology at NIST

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Order Standards at UK - PLEASE READ!

UK Faculty, Staff and Affiliates Place Orders Here:

Please note that SAI Global has a new platform that requires you to register with them prior to searching and requesting standards.  Please be sure to go to your confirmation email after registering and follow instructions.  You will not be charged for orders, UK Libraries will pay costs, but you MUST register.  If you need assistance, please call the Engineering Library at 7-4364.

FAQ on Standards

The nice thing about standards is that there are so many of them to choose from. --  Andrew Tanenbaum in Computer Networks

What is a standard or specification?

A specification is an explicit set of requirements to be satisfied by a material, product, or service (Source:  ASTM). 

How do I find a Standard?

Start your search in the SAI Global database.  You can search for a standard by number, issuing organization or keywords.  If you have the number, it is best to use that.  See the SAI Global tutorial on searching and placing orders.

 How can I tell if UK owns a standard? 

 If we own the standard there will be a note in SAI Global indicating that we have it in the Shaver Engineering Library. The exceptions are SAE J Standards and ASTM standards - see TAB above.  If you forget to check and place an order for a standard we already own, you will be notified that we already own it and your order will be automatically canceled.

If UK doesn't own the standard I want, do I need to purchase it?

If you are affiliated with UK - faculty, staff,  or student - orders will be placed free of charge.  All orders are reviewed by library faculty and subject to approval.

How long does it take to receive an order? 

This depends on several factors.  Before a document order is approved, it is checked for several criteria.  Below is a list of items we check before approving an order.  If you want the standard in a foreign language, please indicate that in the comments box.  Use the comments box anytime you need to place what might seem to be an unusual or complicated order.  Be sure to list any time constraints. If a standard doesn’t have a price listed, we will call SAI Global prior to placing the order.  If it is extremely expensive, we may need to contact you. You can always get assistance from the Engineering or Transportation Libraries’ staff when placing orders. 

1) Be sure you have selected a document in English, if that is what you desire. Often a foreign document has an equivalent English language standard.

 2) Be sure you indicate whether you want an electronic document or PDF. Electronic documents are preferred to hard copy as they arrive more quickly. Some documents may only be available in hard copy. 

3) Is there a less expensive English version? ISO standards can be pricey, but equivalents are often available from other organizations at a lower cost. Depending on the current value of the U.S. dollar, the British or Irish equivalents could be significantly less expensive. 

Does UK have SAE J standards?

The Society of Automotive Engineers issues a handbook each year that contains the “J” standards for the industry.  We have the annual CD-ROMs through 2010 available in the Shaver Engineering Library - please ask at the desk. SAI Global will not indicate that we own these standards.  However, the library staff will catch any requests for them during the approval process. 

Does UK have ASTM standards? 

Shaver Engineering Library has the entire 2010 collection available on the shelf.  These are purchased in print every five years.

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