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More than the language

German Studies is more than vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation, although modern High German is central to the mission of the UK Department. The history and culture of the people of central Europe in all its aspects, highlighted through literary studies and film, is within the purview of the faculty and students of German. The German language is how the people of Germany, Austria, parts of Switzerland, and many non-native speakers in adjoining lands communicate, but what they communicate about--ecology, sports, cuisine, music, cinema, art, religion, and so on--is what fully informs German Studies. And the "Heimat" or homeland is much more than just a place, it is a setting in which people share the infinite number of common denominators--political, social, and cultural--that make for a people or folk.

German Political Map

Library Liaison

Tom Hecker

Science Library, Room 309B

My scholarship has been in workplace mobbing, people with disabilities, and in resource depletion (emphasis on energy depletion) and how this will affect the future of libraries.