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Sisters in the Struggle: Kentucky Women in the Civil Rights Era, 1920s-1970s: 3e. Find Websites

Ask a Librarian


Remember to evaluate websites for reliability and accuracy before you use them in your research assignments.

.edu = educational institution

.gov = governmental body

.org = organization or society

.com = commercial organization

Search Google

Internet Searching Tips

To quickly find Google Advanced Search, just Google it!

Ask Yourself:

Questions to ask:

Is the author an expert?  Is the group of people who created the website experts?

Is there a way to contact the author(s) to verify who they are or to get more information?

Does the author use facts that can be verified?

Does the author use neutral language, regardless of his or her opinion about the subject?

Does the page have an .edu, .org, or .gov ending in its URL?

Is there a date that shows when the page was last updated?

Is the page complete - no broken links or "under construction" pages?

Can the page be easily navigated?

Is the  information on the page published elsewhere in hardcopy, such as in a newspaper, book, or journal?

Is the content of the page well written?

Have you looked at other sites for information on this topic?

Search Google Books

Search Google Scholar (University of Kentucky)

Google Scholar provides an easy way to search for scholarly literature across many disciplines and resources. Includes links to UK subscribed journals. See instructions for setting up Google Scholar to access additional online fulltext available to UK users.

Google Scholar