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WRD 111: Composition & Communication II: 1b. Identify Keywords

the second course in the composition & communication sequence, in which students compose written, spoken, and multimedia arguments about public issues. Summer 2010.

Identifying Keywords

Before you can begin searching for information in a print or online resource, you need to identify keywords related to your topic. Key terminology can be found easily by scanning:

If you are still struggling, then try these suggestions:

  • Use a thesaurus to identify synonyms.
  • Find pictures related to your topic, then describe the picture.
  • Brainstorm keywords with a librarian, your instructor, or a friend.


The Brainstorming Keywords worksheet below illustrates how to start thinking about keywords.

Make a list or use the Keyword Chart to keep track of keywords related to your topic. Keep it by your side when you start your research.

Explore a subject area with the Develop Your Topic worksheet

Generating Search Terms