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ICPSR: Searching Features

Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research: a data resource for University of Kentucky faculty, students and staff.

Search Tips

  • Our search indexes the full documentation for a dataset, including the variable descriptions.
  • A Boolean "and" is invoked with multiple search terms; full Boolean searching is not currently available.
  • Stemming is automatic, i.e., any longer word that begins with your root term will be included in the search; do not use an asterisk.
  • Search is not case-sensitive.
  • You can enter a literal research question:
    Do children of Asian immigrants speak English in the home more often than children of Latino immigrants?
  • Or just keywords:
    retirement "health insurance"
  • Use quotation marks for phrase searches; use the minus sign to remove items from results:
    "election data" -"opinion poll"
  • You can still search by study number.
  • Search terms can be anywhere in the study: title, description, variables, etc.
  • Because our holdings are large, we recommend using at least two query terms:
    rural economy
    home ownership
    higher education
    ghana adolescents
  • Keywords help delimit the breadth of results. Therefore, use as many as required to achieve your desired results:
    elementary education federal funding
  • Our search will find studies with derivative expressions of your query terms: A search for "nation"will find results containing "national"
  • Use quotes to search for an exact expression:
    "social mobility"
  • You can combine exact expressions with loose terms:
    "united states" inmates
  • Exclude results by using a MINUS sign:
    elections -sweden -germany
    will exclude swedish and german election studies
  • On the results page, you will be able to sort and filter to further refine results.