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Psychiatry & Mental Health Resources: Databases/E-Resources

Electronic Textbooks

The first place to search for electronic books at the MCL is the e-books search located at the top of the MCL's home page. If you are unable to locate the desired book there search using  InfoKat Discovery

The  DSM-5 is  available through our subscription to Psychiatry Online. 


Psychiatry Blogs

Critical Psychiatry - "Critical comment and debate about psychiatry" by a British psychiatrist.

Evolutionary Psychiatry - Musings by a psychiatrist who looks at health and mental health from an evolutionary perspective, e.g., using what our bodies and brains were designed to do (not eat grains or processed foods, etc.).

PsychCentral - Operated by Dr. John Grohol, Psychologist. Contains a bit of everything related to mental health.

Psych Practice - Written by a practicing psychiatrist in NY about psychiatric practice.

Real Psychiatry - Blog written by a psychiatrist from Seattle. Focuses on distortions about psychiatry.

Shrink Rap - Blog and podcasts by three academic psychiatrists in Baltimore.

Links to Mental Health Resources

The Social Work License Map group has a nice general resource list of Mental Health Resources that includes links to organization that provide mental health information and services.