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Civil Rights in Kentucky - Oral Histories: Appalachia Oral History Project - Alessandro Portelli Project

Appalachia Oral History Project - Alessandro Portelli Project


This project consists of interviews conducted by Italian oral historian Alessandro Portelli concerning the history, socioeconomic conditions, folklife, music, and customs of the Appalachian region of Kentucky. Topics discussed include racism, African Americans in Appalachia, poverty, coal mining, agriculture, moonshiners, religion, Italian immigrants, politics, labor unions.

Number of Interviews        71

Total Hours                  73


 Appalachian Region ; Appalachian Region--History. ; Appalachian Region--Social conditions. ; Appalachian Region--Economic conditions. ; Appalachian Region--Folklore.  ; Appalachian Region--Music. ; Appalachian Region--Religion.  ; Appalachian Region--Social life and  customs. ; Appalachian Region--Race relations. ; African Americans--Appalachian Region. ; Appalachian Region--Rural conditions. ; Coal mines and mining--Appalachian Region. ; Agriculture--Appalachian Region. ; Distilling, Illicit. ; Italian Americans--Kentucky. ; Politics-- Appalachian region. ; Labor unions--Appalachian Region. ; Poverty--Appalachian Region.



Segregation, Integration, Religion, Gender