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Civil Rights in Kentucky - Oral Histories: Bourbon County, Kentucky African American Oral History Project

Bourbon County, Kentucky African American Oral History Project


In this project, African Americans in Paris, Kentucky and surrounding areas in Bourbon County share their memories, life experiences, and the local history of African Americans.  Their stories include the retelling of oral histories that have been handed down from previous generations.  They touch on a variety of subjects including church and religion, race relations,  civil rights, employment, school segregation, integration, northern migration, and the legacy they hope to leave behind.  Interviewees include those who were born in Bourbon County, as well as those who moved to Bourbon County and have lived a fair portion of their lives in the  county at some point in time. 

Number of Interviews              7

Total Hours


Paris, Kentucky ; Brentsville, Kentucky ; Fairview, Kentucky ; Little Rock, Kentucky ; Flat Rock, Kentucky ; North Middletown, Kentucky ; Veaches Christian Methodist Church ; Prodigal House Church ; Western High School ;The Youth Center ; integration ; segregation ; segregated education ; military ; Civil Rights ; racism ; prejudice ; getting along ; busing ; parenting ; deafness ; family ; politics ;  equal employment ; housing ; kinship ; death ;  birth ; children ; teachers and educators ; community



Religion, Education, Integration, Segregation, Employment, Housing, Gender