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UpToDate: Off-campus Access to UpToDate and UTD mobile app

Off-campus Access

Access to UpToDate is easier than before. 

  1. On library's home page, go to the UTD icon or the database link itself (further down). You must use the special link on our website to begin.
  2. When you are off-campus, this same link will present you with the familiar Ezproxy login for your LinkBlue credentials. 
  3. After that, you will see a first-time UTD Registration request.  Create your own user name/password..  You cannot Register for the first time  on a mobile device or app.
  4. You should then receive a confirmation email from UTD.  Login at least once per month on UpToDate to keep your authorization active.  If not, you will likely get an email from UTD every three months to remind you to log in to UTD.  This is how they determine ongoing authorization.
  5. You can log into UTD off-campus, using the credentials you created.  If you wish to keep track of CME, etc., login each time you access UTD for a new search.  

After Registering, the UpToDate Anywhere app can THEN be downloaded from your app store.  It can be used on up to two mobile devices. Simply login to the app with the credentials you created.