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Research Quick Tips: The Undergraduate's Guide to Research: Start Here

An introduction to college-level research

Beginning Your Research

Research is inquiry. Research is scholarly conversation. Research is exploration. And research is a process. Learning how to find and use credible and accurate information is a skill that you will use over and over in many different classes and is a skill that is valued by employers. 

Step 1. Develop Your Topic   Developing a good research question can sometimes be the most difficult part of the research process. Watch Developing a Research Topic.

Step 2. Search Strategies  What is a search term? Brainstorm for ideas. Watch Generating Search Terms.

Step 3. Find Credible Sources  Learn why library research databases are your best choice for college level research. Watch What Is a Library Database?

Step 4. Evaluate Your Sources  How can you tell if a source is reliable and appropriate for your assignment? Watch Evaluating Internet Sources.

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Additional Resources

Need more specific information? Please consult the resources appropriate for you.