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MUS 330: Music in the World: Asian Music: Find Books in UK's InfoKat Discovery

Fall 2017.

UK's InfoKat Discovery

What can you find in InfoKat Discovery?

Search InfoKat Discovery to find resources owned by the University of Kentucky Libraries: books, journals, theses & dissertations, CDs, DVDs, links to ebooks, online journals, journal articles.

 What about those online resources?

If the journal or book title you have searched is available online, you will see online access; Click on View Now  to see links to the full text.

Full text available at: JSTOR Arts and Sciences III
Available from 1948 volume: 1 issue: 1
Most recent 3 year(s) not available
Full text available at: JSTOR Current Scholarship Program Complete
Available from 2001 volume: 54 issue: 1
Full text available at: ProQuest International Index to Music Periodicals Full Text New Platform
Available from 1948 until 2012 volume: 65 issue: 3
Public notes:
Full text available at: ProQuest PAO Periodicals Archive Online Collection 3.2 Update New Platform
Available from 1948 until 2000

Subject Terms in InfoKat Discovery

Music Subject Headings:

Communisim in music

Feminism and music

Feminist music

Gender identity in music

Homosexuality in music

Masculinity in music

Music and state

Music and war

Music in propaganda

Music--Psychological aspects

Music--Social aspects

Music, Influence of

Patriotic music

Popular music

Socialism in music

Totalitarianism in music


Subject Headings for Ethnomusicology:

Type in a heading below and follow with the country/region OR language as indicated:

Dance music + country/region → Dance music--India

Folk music + country/region → Folk music--Mongolia

Folk songs + language → Folk songs, Chinese

Music + country/region → Music--Asia

Musical instruments +country/region → Musical instruments--India

Percussion music + country/region → Percussion music--Korea

Sacred music + country/region → Sacred music--China

Songs + language → Songs, Japanese

Carnatic music

Gamelan music

Koto music

P'i p'a music



Taiko (Drum ensemble)

Throat singing

Call Numbers for Browsing

ML3469-ML3541 Popular music

ML3916-ML3918 Music--Social aspects

ML335   Stringed instruments

ML358   Flute family

ML379   Oboe family

ML533   Other, wind family

ML634   Zither family

ML634   Other, plucked

ML655   Percussion

ML724.5   Other, bu instrument

ML3740 -- ML3775   Asia

ML3746   China

ML3747   Taiwan

ML3748   India

ML3750   Japan

ML3752   Korea

ML3753   Korea (North)

ML3758.A783   Asia, Central

ML3758.M6   Mongolia

ML3758.T5   Thailand

ML3796 -- ML3799   Ethnomusicology

Tips for Searching InfoKat Discovery

♦Keyword Searching (the default search box)

Will search all the words you have entered, but not necessarily in the same order.

Use quotations to search phrases: e.g., "korean pop"

♦Creator/Author Search (=composer, performer, ensemble)

Enter: last name, first name [case doesn't matter]

♦Title Search (in Advanced search or Browse search)

Enter as much of the title as you know.

Drop initial articles in ALL languages.

Best results if you search the musical title in its original language. (check Grove's)

Search song titles here in addition to the Keyword Search.

 ♦Subject Search (in Advanced search or Browse search)

Can search a person's name as a subject to find biographies and books about his/her work.

Check the subject headings of books that cover your topic and click the link to find more items on the same subject!

♦Advanced Search

Take advantage of limiters for material type, dates, etc.


*  asterisk mark for truncation    cultur*  will retrieve all of these terms: culture, cultures, cultural, and so on.

Overview of InfoKat Discovery!

Watch this short video for an overview and tips to get the most out of our new discovery system, InfoKat Discovery. IKD includes our library catalog plus additional resources, including content from some (not all!) article databases and local digital collections.

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  • Access to the Book & Media Express service is through InfoKat Discovery.
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