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Civil War (American) & Reconstruction Era, 1861-1877: Primary Sources in Special Collections: Broadsides

This guide will help you find primary source material on the American Civil War and Reconstruction Era in Kentucky's history.

Broadsides from the Archives of Special Collections


Address of the national executive committee of the Constitutional union party, to the people of the United States. Signed by Alex. R. Boteler. Washington, 1860. (Accession# 46M21)




Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address, November 19, 1863. (Accession #49M10)

Davis, Garrett. To the people of Virginia. 1861. (Accession# 53M26)

Entertainment, by the officers and members of the Washington artillery battalion of New Orleans . . . Oct. 22, 1863. Petersburg, Va. Printed at the “Express establishment, 1863. (Accession# 53M34)



French, James. S.. Patent agency, at Richmond, Virginia, for the Confederate States. 1861. (Accession# 53M27)


Hospital of the medical college of Virginia. 1863. (Accession# 53M31)

Letcher, John. Notice. 1862. [Carries a warning of Federal troops approaching Richmond from Brandon on the James River. (Accession#53M30)


Morgan’s Headquarters, Lexington, Kentucky. Sept. 4, 1862. Brigade orders. Morgan’s press print. (Accession# 53M38)


Lexington, Cemetery, Program from the Decoration of Confederate Graves, May 26th, 1869. (Accession #50M35)


Lines on the death of Capt. Charles W. Carroll, who fell in Virginia, Aug. 30, 1862 while nobly defending his country's flag. Foxboro, 1862. (Accession #51M10)

Styles, C.W. To the men of southern Georgia! Feb. 25, 1862. Brunswick, Ga. (Accession# 53M29)


Tribune extra. June 29, 1862. Goldsboro, [NC?]. (Accession# 53M33)


The Virginia, extra. November 28, 1863. Lynchburg, Va. (Accession# 53M25)