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WRD 111: Credible Sources: Find Websites, Videos and Images

Composition and Communication II. Fall 2011.

Search Google Scholar (UK)

Google Scholar provides an easy way to search for scholarly literature across many disciplines and resources. Includes links to UK subscribed journals. See instructions for setting up Google Scholar to access additional online fulltext available to UK users.

Google Scholar

Search Google Books

Searching Google Books and Google Scholar instead of basic Google, will dig deeper into the billions of resources contained in the web. But -  did you know that Google only searches approximately 30% of the web?  Learn more.


To restrict your InfoKat Discovery search results to videorecordings, use Refine My Results to resource type Audio Visual.

Internet Searching Tips

To quickly find Google Advanced Search, just Google it!

Local Information

Video and Image Sharing Sites

Listed below are a few of the hundreds of online video and image sharing sites on the Internet.

Speech Websites