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GEN 100: Issues in Agriculture: Searching

Fall 2018.

Developing Keywords

Search Tips

Here are some tips to help you when searching. The following tips can increase your chances of finding articles and journals that best fit what you are looking for.


  • Wildcards/Truncations help you expand your search to multiple forms of a word.
    • For example, if you type farm plus an asterisk (*)  will search the following: farm, farms, farmer, farming, etc.
  • It is important to note that the most common Wildcard symbol is an asterisk (*) but symbols vary by database.
  • When using UK Libraries:
    • InfoKat Discovery uses a question mark (?) as a Wildcard symbol.
    • Nexis Uni (formerly Lexis Nexis) uses an exclamation point (!) as a Wildcard symbol.

How to Broaden or Narrow Your Searches

Sometimes when you search a databases thousands of articles will appear, so you will have to narrow your search.  Other times only ten articles may appear and you need to broaden your search.  Boolean Operators can help you do both!

  • AND
    • narrows a search
    • farming AND soybeans will provided only results that are both about farming AND soybeans
  • OR
    • broadens a search
    • farming OR soybeans will provide results that have content on farming OR content on soybeans
  • NOT
    • excludes term(s) that  follow NOT
    • farming NOT soybeans will provide results about farming that don't include soybeans.

If you are not sure how something works or can't find out what you need here check out the help or tips screen on the database you are using or contact the Agricultural Information Center.  We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

How to Get Full-Text

When searching for journal articles, you will notice the View Now button on many of your search results. Clicking on the View Now button will lead you to links for the full-text of the article or let you know that we do not have electronic full-text for that article.

If the full-text is not available, you can search InfoKat Discovery for a hardcopy of the article or request an interlibrary loan (ILL), if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions about View Now

Having trouble? Ask Us for help.

I can't find it here at UK!

Materials not owned by UK Libraries may be requested via Interlibrary Loan (a.k.a. ILL).

Create your  ILLiad account.  Use your linkblue login and password to use ILLiad.

Some items, such as textbooks and audiovisual materials, cannot be requested through Interlibrary loan. If you are in doubt about the item you need,  please give ILL a call at (859) 218-1880.