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Lesbian Studies: Lesbian Full Length Movies, Free

The research and study of lesbians.

Free Online Lesbian Movies

There are free, streaming, full-length, lesbian-themed movies online, that do not require registration. There are not an overwhelming number of them, but they do exist. There are movies made in the United States and various other countries and in various languages. Only a few of the titles are presented on this page. For a more extensive list of lesbian movie titles see Movies Over the Rainbow by Ali Naro, and sites that rank lesbian movies such as The 100 Best Lesbian Movies Of All Time at AutoStraddle. Be prepared to spend some time searching. There are few sites that list lesbian movie titles, and it still takes a bit of trial and error to find free, full-length, movies, with lesbian characters and with an obvious lesbian storyline throughout the duration of the movie. 

*See also the Audio Visuals tab on this research guide.

A Florida Enchantment

Often considered the 1st lesbian film in the U.S. Made in 1914, a silent film by Sidney Drew. Includes blackface comedy. Based on 1891 novel and 1896 play titled A Florida Enchantment by Fergus Redmond and Archibald C. Gunter.

1448 Love Among Us

2014 Thai film with English subtitles. Pat and Pim fall in love and have to deal with a parent who does not approve of their relationship. They have a commitment ceremony.  Things are going well until there is a tragedy. Thai law currently does not recognize same-sex marriages, civil unions or domestic partnerships.  

Jamie and Jessie are NOT Together

A musical comedy with singing and dance numbers, all about lesbian roommates who are best friends, and they tell everyone that they are not together. And then they try to figure it out. Stars Jax Jackson and Jessica London-Shields. Directed and written by Wendy Jo Carlton. Published in 2011. Film runs 95 minutes (YouTube includes commercials). SnagFilms.

Between Two Women (British Version)

Set in the 1950s. Ellen (Barbara Marten) makes friends with her son’s schoolteacher, Miss Thompson (Andrina Carroll), and their relationship grows as Ellen’s marriage to Hardy (Andrew Dunn) falls apart. Movie was made in 2004. UK version is 79 minutes.  US version is 93 minutes.


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Award-winning film set in 1960s Paris, France underworld in the Pigalle District. Gigola is someone's daughter turned teacher's teen lesbian lover, fashioned into a psychology student. She who leaves college to follow the night path to become a tough-slim lesbian pimp who carries a cane, while also serving as a top-dollar lesbian escort, all wrapped into a good bit of unpredictable meanness and kindness who likes her liquor. Directed by Laure Charpentier. Stars Lou Doillon. Made in 2010. French language with English subtitles.  Film runs 1:41:01 at Ovguide, with no commercials.


A Question of Love

Based on the real life story of Mary Jo Risher. A woman fights her ex-husband for custody of their youngest child after the husband sues for custody when he learns that she is living in a relationship with another woman.  Television movie released in November of 1978, and groundbreaking for the time period.  Written by William Blinn.  Stars Gena Rowlands as Linda Ray Guettner [Mary Jo Risher]; Jane Alexander as Barbara Moreland [her partner]; Clue Gulager as Mike Guettner [her ex-husband]; Jocelyn Brando as Mrs. Hunicutt [her mother]; and Ned Beatty as Dwayne Stabler [husband's attorney].

They Call Me Sir

Black lesbian studs, their lives, loves, families. Five friends who love other women and assume the more aggressive role. Directed by Paulara Hawkins. Movie was made in 2011 and runs 18:28 minutes.

Dear Gabe

T'ain't nobody's bizness : queer blues divas of the 1920's

Nigerian Nollywood Full Movies

Betty employs a woman to train her domestic workers to be more efficient and to speak good English. The supposedly cooperate maid is a mistake, she starts to destroy the happy home. Published in 2015. 

Nollywood is thought to come from the combined terms "Nigeria" and "Hollywood" and came into use in the early 2000s. The term also includes affiliate film industries in Ghana [English-language films] that are also produced in Nigeria. The lesbian-themed films found on YouTube are an addition to the New Nigerian Cinema.