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Radio Eye: Donors

Who You're Supporting

Man in dark shirt and shirts with basketball pressed to his forward, ready to shoot the ballMike Barnard has been an avid listener of Radio Eye for over 25 years. Having been totally blind since birth, he relies on us to bring him the news every day.

“Without Radio Eye, I would not be able to hear the Lexington Herald-Leader, Mt. Sterling Advocate, or the local sports news,” he says.

It’s a joy, he says, to be able to listen to the news and then point things out to his mother. “I couldn’t do that before.”

One thing Mike really likes about our service is that real people are reading the news, in the form of our volunteers.

“To say all the volunteers do a good job would be an understatement,” Mike says. “Their expressions are great!”

Mike loves playing basketball in his spare time. Here, you can see him about to throw the ball on the small court in his backyard.

In-Kind Wish List

Radio Eye is asking for the following items on our Wish List. If you can help, please call (859) 422-6390.

  • Copy paper
  • Labels (Avery 5160 or equivalent)
  • HP Print Cartridges - 646X, 646A, cyan, yellow, and magenta
  • Kleenex Lysol or similar disinfectant spray
  • Plain white or blue #10 envelopes
  • K-cups - tea, coffee, and decaf coffee

For more information, please contact: Amy Hatter, Executive Director

Phone: (859) 422-6390


Benefits of the Service

Here’s how our listeners say Radio Eye helps them:

  • 94% report feeling less isolated because of Radio Eye programming
  • 98% know more about current events
  • 22% have attended an event they heard Radio Eye announce
  • 75% know more about health topics
  • 39% talked to their doctor about something they heard
  • 92% believe listening increases their knowledge of general topics 

Kroger Rewards

Did you know that you can support Radio Eye by simply going shopping? It's true! In the last 4 months, 16 households used Kroger Community Rewards, and Radio Eye got a donation of over $150! That may not seem like much, but last year we received almost $1,000 from people just doing their normal, everyday shopping!

How it works: Kroger has pledged to give millions to organizations that help out their community! Radio Eye was incredibly fortunate to be chosen as one of the lucky organizations. We get donations based on how many people register their Kroger Rewards card with Radio Eye.

The only downside is you have to remember to reregister your card every September, at Registering your card is easy! We have a step-by-step paper that explains how to do everything. Or, bring in your card and one of the staff will be more than happy to help you set up! If you have questions, just ask! We are here to help! Thank you so much for supporting Radio Eye! 

How You Can Help

You can help keep the service going by becoming a member of our Broadcaster's Society and giving a monthly gift.

A donation of $10 a month helps sustain our radio reading service and provide 2 listeners with radios. A $25 monthly donation provides 7 broadcasts of the Louisville Courier Journal. By donating $50 a month, you can provide thousands of print impaired listeners with access to grocery ads for 10 months, and a $100 monthly donation will provide 20 listeners with radios and service for a full year!


How many times would you like this to recur? (including this payment)
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Members of the Broadcaster's Society receive monthly updates on what their support has accomplished.

Radio - $10/month

Transmitter - $25/month

Transformer - $50/month

Beacon - $100/month

All donations to Radio Eye are 100% tax deductible. Donations are used to purchase radios for blind and print-disabled listeners to tune in to our broadcast, to help purchase broadcast equipment, and for other program-related expenses.

Other Ways to Help

There are MANY other ways to support to Radio Eye.

For individuals:

For companies:

Making a Bequest

Do you want to help ensure that people who are blind or print-disabled have access to printed news and information not just now, but in the future?

Bequests are a great way to make sure that Radio Eye has the funding to continue broadcasting for many years to come. For more information, please contact Amy at or 859-422-6392.

And please know that a gift of any amount is meaningful to us.