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Animal Rights: Find Books

This guide will help you start your research in the broad area of animal rights.

Find a Book in the UK Library System

InfoKat Discovery includes the online catalog for the entire University of Kentucky Library system as well as a large group of selected databases.  To find a book on animal rights, you would enter the search as follows:

animal rights

The catalog entry tells you the  the call number of the book, the location of the item and the status (checked out, lost, on reserve, etc.)  Make sure you copy down the complete call number.

You can also try other word combinations using the above format:

animal law
animal protection

Animal rights is a very broad field and the number of hits can be great.  Try narrowing your search by using terms specific to your issue such as

factory farming
vegetarian? ethics

Using a ? to truncate a word will give you all the variations; vegetarian? will produce all entries with the words vegetarian, vegetarians, vegetarianism.  Animal? will cover both animal and animals.  Adding the word "ethics"  to your search terms will also help focus your search on the animal rights aspect of the topic; e.g animal? research ethics.


Need to search beyond the University of Kentucky Libraries?  Search to access catalog listings of holdings from libraries in the United States and around the world. UK-affiliates can make Interlibrary Loan requests through this database when on-campus or connected via VPN.

Questions?  Just ask us.

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