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Populist/Progressive Era, 1890-1913: Primary Sources in Special Collections: Primary Sources in Special Collections (E - G)

This guide will help you find primary sources pertaining to the Populist/Progressive Era.

Primary Manuscript Sources With Online Finding Aids (E-G). Click On Links To Access Full Collection Descriptions.

Primary Manuscript Sources Without Online Finding Aids (E-G).

R.T. Endicott Mercantile Papers, Oakland Mills, Kentucky, 1890-1922. 8 volumes. This Accession (#46M91) is part of the Thomas D. Clark Mercantile Records Collection.

Faulconer, Johnstone, Shelby, Tevis, and Potter Family Papers, 1804-1969. This collection consists of a group of related family papers which includes a file of approximately 28 letters (1817-1877) to and from the following: Isaac Shelby (October 22, 1817 letter from Captain James Armstrong who served under Shelby at the Battle of the Thames as a member of 1st Company, Mountjoy's Regiment), Isaac Shelby Tevis (1850-1919), William Hart, Isaac Shelby, Jr. (1795-1886), Mary L. Tevis, Letitia Tevis Dallam, Joshua Tevis, Mary P. Shelby (1822-1861), and Henry L. Tevis. The collection also includes a list of Governor Shelby's taxable property for 1804 which lists the number of white males in his household, the number of slaves (42), 36 horses, and 19,585 acres of land. The marriage of Gov. Shelby's granddaughter Mary to Henry Lloyd Tevis on July 5, 1843 established the line from whence these materials were generated. A significant portion of the collection consists of the papers of Shelby's great-grandson, Isaac Shelby Tevis which include records, correspondence, newspaper clippings, bills, deeds, receipts, promissory notes, and a ledger (1909-1916) pertaining to his farm operation in Lincoln County, Kentucky. Tevis, who owned livestock and grew hemp and corn, inherited Gov. Shelby's estate "Traveller's Rest." Documentation in the collection on the estate include plats of the farm and the agreement transferring ownership of the property out of the family in 1919. Another interesting item is the "Fine Jack" stock catalog for the dispersal sale held by Tevis in 1906. There are also assorted papers generated by other families who married into the line including the Potters, Johnstons, and Faulconers. One document, signed by William Johnston of South Carolina in 1814 presented four slaves to his son Frances. There is also a scrapbook (1875-1960s) on the Faulconer Family which includes newspaper clippings, photographs, funeral cards, and genealogical notes. Genealogical material is also present for other families represented in this collection. The collection also includes approximately 30 photographs. Of particular note are images of Henry Lloyd Tevis (1820-1853) and of Isaac Shelby, Jr.'s wife, Maria Boswell Warren Shelby. (Accession #1997MS142)

Frazer Family Papers, 1811-1910. These are letters to and from members of the Alexander and Nancy Frazer family of Fayette County, Kentucky. Their son, Oliver Frazer (1808-1864) was one of the three most celebrated ante-bellum Kentucky portrait painters. He studied art with Matthew Jouett in 1825, with Thomas Sully in Philadelphia in the late 1820s, and with Thomas Coture and Baron Antoine-Jean Gros in France during the years1834-1835. During 1835-1836 he toured European art museums. He returned to Lexington in 1838 to paint portraits of numerous famous Kentuckians including Richard Menefee, Joel T. Hart, and Henry Clay. Frazer married Martha Bell Mitchell (1816-1903) in 1838. Her aunt, was Margaret Allen, the wife of famed Kentucky painter Matthew Jouett. The Frazers had seven children only one of whom, Bessie, married. There are letters in the collection to or from four of their daughters, Bessie, Fanny, Katherine, and Nanny. The collection also includes an unidentified physician's account book from the period 1811-1815. Patients included Richard Taylor, Isaac Shelby, Achilles Sneed, Harry Innis, Humphrey Marshall, Matthew Jouett, Simon Kenton, among others, individuals whose public business might have taken them to Frankfort during this period. (Accession #1997MS253)

Garnett Family Papers, ca. 1905-1948. These are the farm records of J.F. and Holland Garnett (J.F. Garnett and Son), owners of Woodlawn Farm specializing in livestock (cattle and hogs).   Included in the collection are a farm ledger for the years 1920-1925, bank books for the years 1912, 1913, 1916-1917, 1918, and 1944, and farm account books for the years 1905-1911, 1907-1911, 1912-1915, 1915-1920, and, 1922-1931. (Accession #1997MS156)