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ANT/AAS 326: Cultures and Societies of Africa: Culture

Course guide to support the E-poster assignment of ANT/AAS 326. Fall 2017

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If you need help you can either contact the librarian on duty through the Ask a Librarian box or contact Jo Staggs-Neel, Anthropology Liaison.

Resources on African Literature

Finding Information on the Web

The Internet is a rich source of information for this assignment.  You can find a wealth of information using a search engine such as Google.  Just be sure that the source you are using is a valid source and if you are using images that they are not copyrighted.   The web also provides a wealth of sources for images.  Just be sure the image you are using is not copyrighted.

 Finding images:

Research Guide on Photography: includes information on where to find images and about image copyright.

Social Awarness Theatre


There is a wealth of information in educational videos.  If you have a play or art or music genre or are just interested in the culture of a country, search one of the sources below to see if you can find a video.

Ask a Librarian

Resources on African Art

Resources on African Music