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ANT/AAS 326: Cultures and Societies of Africa: Healing and Spirituality

Course guide to support the E-poster assignment of ANT/AAS 326. Fall 2017

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If you need help you can either contact the librarian on duty through the Ask a Librarian box or contact Jo Staggs-Neel, Anthropology Liaison.

How to search for healing and spirituality

To find information on healing and spirituality begin looking under Traditional African Medicine and couple it with the word spiritualityThis will yield a wealth of information both in the scholarly and non-scholarly literature. Other terms you might want to consider are traditional healers or healing coupled with Africa or African.

Good source to start with

Search Tip:  Search the word "healing" in the box under the picture of the Encyclopedia.  When you have the list of sources choose "African Religions" from under subjects. This search will give you a number of good articles.

Finding Journal Articles

Books in the Library