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History of Business: Finding Articles

A guide to the resources for business history.

Search Strategies

When searching in online databases for books or articles, most students will find the "Advanced Search" will return far better results than a Basic Search. 

  • make sure to remove any unnecessary words, such as "the," "an," "a," etc.
  • use the Boolean switches (AND, OR, NOT) carefully- select "AND" only if you want the query to return results that specifically feature both terms  
  • some databases (such as JSTOR) will give you many options to limit your search results in an advanced search, such as what kind of source it returns, the year of publication, the general subject, etc. - be sure to make use of these!

Finding Articles on Business History

The following databases are very useful for finding articles related to the history of business and industry. The sources found in these databases will be primarily secondary sources.

Business and Economics Liaison

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