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Kentucky Writes: Authors of the Bluegrass State: 18th Century Authors

The Kentucky Writes guide provides information about authors and writers from Kentucky and their work. This guide seeks to include the earliest authors to contemporary authors.

18th Century Author Spotlight

NAME: Charles Caldwell

A balding man with a long, white beard














DATE OF BIRTH: May 14, 1772

DATE OF DEATH: July 9, 1853

BIRTH PLACE: Caswell County

DEATH PLACE: Nashville, Tennessee



ASSOCIATED GROUPS: Graduated University of Pennsylvania with M.D. (1796), Taught at Medical School at Transylvania Lexington, Kentucky (1819), Taught at University of Louisville and created the Louisville Medical Institute

OCCUPATION: Physician, Medical Educator


RACE: Caucasian                                 

GENDER: MALE                            


LABELS: 18th century



An Attempt to establish the original sameness of three phenomena of fever (1796)

A semi-annual oration, on the origin of pestilential diseases (1799)

An eulogium to the memory of Dr. Samuel Cooper (1799)

An oration on the causes of the difference, in point of frequency and force, between the endemic diseases of the United States of American, and those of the countries of Europe (1802)

An eulogium to the memory of Mr. George Lee (1802)

An essay on the pestilential or yellow fever: as it prevailed in Philadelphia in the year eighteen hundred and five (1807)

An Anniversary oration on the subject of quarantines (1807)

An Eulogium on Caspar Wistar, M.D., professor of anatomy (1818)

Outlines of a course of lectures on the institutes of medicine (1823)

Elements of phrenology (1824)

Introductory address on independence of intellect (1825)

Thoughts on the spirit of improvement, the slection of its objects, and its proper direction (1835)

Autobiography of Charles Caldwell, M.D. (1855)

Alphabetical List of Kentucky Authors

This guide covers the earliest Kentucky authors to current authors. If you are looking for a list of Kentucky authors please check the link below. The list is not comprehensive and suggestions are welcome. A Kentucky Author is defined as a person born, raised or residing in Kentucky for a significant portion of time, who has written material in a published monographic form.