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Kentucky Writes: Authors of the Bluegrass State: 19th Century Authors

The Kentucky Writes guide provides information about authors and writers from Kentucky and their work. This guide seeks to include the earliest authors to contemporary authors.

19th Century Author Spotlight

James Thomas Cotton Noe

DATE OF BIRTH: May 2, 1864

DATE OF DEATH:  November, 9 1953

PLACE OF BIRTH:  Thompsonville, Washington County, Kentucky

PLACE OF DEATH:  Beverly Hills, California

RESIDENCE:  Beverly Hills, California (1934-1953)

FIELD OF ACTIVITY: Lawyer, Poet, Educator


        Franklin College, Indiana (student)

        Cornell University, New York (student)

        University of Chicago, Illinois (student)

         Cumberland College, Williamsburg, Kentucky (faculty)

        Lincoln Memorial University, Harrogate, Tennessee (faculty)

        University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky (faculty)

OCCUPATION: Lawyer, College professor


  • The loom of life (1912)
  • The blood of Rachel: a dramatization of Esther and other poems (1916)
  • Leaves of holly (192?)
  • Lincoln and twenty other poems (1922)
  • Tip Sams of Kentucky and other poems and dramas (1926)
  • Uplift: a poetic fantasy (1926)
  • Dawn: a poem (1930)
  • The legend of the silver band: a tale of Kentucky in the eighties (1932)
  • Lincoln and the mother of Lincoln (1932)
  • The valleys of Parnassus: a selection from the poetry of J. T. Cotton Noe (1935)
  • Oolooloon, called Fleeting Doe: a romance of pioneer Kentucky (1938)
  • In Kentucky (1940)
  • The years that swiftly sped (1943)
  • Tip Sams again: a selection of poems (1947)
  • Banquet in Elysium and other poems (1951)

OTHER INFORMATION: married to Sydney Stanfill, two sons and one daughter, buried in Lexington Cemetery, Lexington, Kentucky

AWARDS: Kentucky Poet Laureate, 1926


ETHNIC BACKGROUND: Not Hispanic or Latino

RACE: White

FULL NAME   James Thomas Cotton Noe

OTHER NAME(S)   J.T. Cotton Noe

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This guide covers the earliest Kentucky authors to current authors. If you are looking for a list of Kentucky authors please check the link below. The list is not comprehensive and suggestions are welcome. A Kentucky Author is defined as a person born, raised or residing in Kentucky for a significant portion of time, who has written material in a published monographic form.

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